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What is RPAC?
The National Association of REALTORS®’ REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is one of the strongest advocacy organizations in the nation. And there’s one reason for that: our members. RPAC recognizes that an industry that shies away from politics is an industry whose future is unstable and uncertain. Your investments in RPAC helps to make us players on Capitol Hill and with lawmakers everywhere across the country.

2019 RPAC Accomplishments
◊  Defeated a proposal to impose double income taxation on real estate brokerages
◊  Leveled the sales tax playing field between internet sales and brick and mortar main street retailers
◊  Prevented property tax increases for homeowners installing solar panels and alternative energy sources
◊  Protected private property rights and the ability to divide land under the Land Division Act
◊  Protected homeowners against property tax foreclosure, allowing county treasures to enter into property tax repayment agreements
◊  Capped excessive fees on homeowners redeeming their foreclosed property

How RPAC Affects our Business
◊  Defeated Proposals to tax your commission
◊  Michigan Transfer Tax Refund for Michigan Homeowners
◊  Homeowner Savings for MID/State/Local Property Tax Deductions
◊  Preventing banks from operating real estate brokerages
◊  Prevention of requiring 10% down payments on FHA loans
◊  Prevented mandatory statewide point-of-sale septic inspections
◊  Defeated legislation placing REALTORS under the MI consumer protection act
◊  Creation of a second principal residence exemption filing date (June 1st & November 1st)
◊  Enhanced clarity & flexibility for property owners
◊  Creating a First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account
◊  Smart Financial planning for homeownership
◊  Defending Short-term Property Rental rights
◊  Protecting private Property rights fro Michigan Citizens

Your investment ensures:
◊  Leaders across the country can pour through legislation and evaluate how new bills and proposed regulations will impact you and your clients
◊  RPAC representatives can effectively lobby lawmakers in Washington, D.C. and in state legislatures throughout the U.S.
◊  We can defend critical real estate-friendly policies like the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) and the 30-year mortgage.
◊  The 100% health insurance deduction for independent contractors is protected.
◊  Programs like FHA single family insurance and VA home loans remain available, attainable, and effective for prospective homebuyers everywhere in America.

Legislative Issues

The Southeastern Border Association of REALTORS® is the VOICE of Real Estate in Southeast Michigan.  Our members are determined to protect the rights of property owners and preserve the dream of home ownership.  While not an easy task, we take the following steps:

1.  Create an environment friendly to consumers, to ensure that housing prices remain stable, taxes are reasonable and utility costs are maintained at a level that are friendly to homeowners and businesses.

2. Oppose any new tax that will increase the cost of the home-buying process.  Government typically looks at "big ticket" transactions (ie housing) to add new sources of revenues to close budget shortfalls.

3. Encourage development and smart growth of communities.  This is done through thoughtful planning, responsible financing as well as comprehensive study of the needs of consumers.

4. Building strong relationships with lawmakers to ensure Monroe and Wayne Counties and the State of Michigan understand the impact of housing in the state-wide economy.  We endorse candidates, through our political action committee, RPAC, who fully understand that housing is a driving force in a healthy economy for Michigan and its people.