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Awards and Honors

2021 RPAC Announcement

2022 Rookie of the Year

The 2022 Rookie of the Year.  The criteria are a REALTOR® who has been in the business for less than 18 months and is based on production, association participation, congeniality and professional development related classes.  The candidate must also be nominated by the Designated REALTOR® of their office. This year’s recipient has not only exceeded expectations in their business but has dove in to everything SEBAR by joining the Membership Committee, Professional Development Committee, Community Outreach Committee, YPN, Downriver Legislative Committee and Golf Outing Task Force all while selling over 1.3 million in their first 13 months.  In addition to their great sales record, and the fact that you will most likely see their face at every SEBAR event, they have also dedicated extra time to their professional development including attending the 2021 Michigan Realtors Convention and investing in RPAC.

William Proulx, Real Estate One, Southgate

2022 Humanitarian of the Year

This award recognizes a REALTOR® that makes outstanding and dedicated contributions to the betterment of our community.  The candidate is nominated by a fellow REALTOR® who recognizes the time and commitment this individual has demonstrated over the past year.  This year’s recipient contributes many hours of their time and money to a variety of worthy charitable causes.  They have served on many committees including the Membership Committee, Professional Development Committee, Fair Housing Committee, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Bylaws Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Legislative Committee, and both the Association and MLS Board of Directors.  The recipient donates much of their time and money to nearly every SEBAR event and fundraiser as well as Penrickton Center for the Blind and is extremely passionate about their work with ALZ Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  While volunteering much of their time to the community and our Association, this person was still able to close over 4.4 million in sales during 2021 and continues to be a supporter of RPAC as a Major Investor.

Lakshmi Subbiah, Real Estate One, Southgate

2022 REALTOR® of the Year

The criteria for this award require participation in the Association at the local, state and national levels as well as community service involvement.  .  The 2022 REALTOR® of the Year has been a member for just 10 years and during that time has served on or chaired many committees including the Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, Grievance Committee, Legislative Committee, Bylaws Committee, Professional Development Committee, Marketing Committee, Professional Standards Committee, RPAC Committee, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Community Outreach Committee, Golf Outing Committee, Budget & Finance Committee, Board of Regents, and was the President of both the MLS Board of Directors and SEBAR Board of Directors.  They have been and continue to be a big supporter of any and all things charitable as well as an RPAC major investor.

Deanna Coleman, Real Estate One, Southgate

2022 Affiliate of the Year

The criteria are an Affiliate who is an active member of SEBAR that has demonstrated high principles and faithfulness to laws and regulations of the Code of Ethics not only to other members but the public as well.  This year’s recipient has been a member for 25 years.  Has served on the Membership Committee, Risk Reduction Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Professional Development Committee, served one term as an Affiliate Director and is a long-time member of the Community Outreach Committee.  The recipient is an RPAC investor and a strong supporter of the Association prior to and has remained a strong supporter after the merger.  They are a member of 100 Who Care as well as an active member of the Women’s Chapter of the Elks. 

Corrie Dye-Hale, John Adams Mortgage